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2010 Acad. Year Position Name Speciality
Staff Professor Yuji Iwahori 1988 Dr.(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
Computer Vision/Image Recognition
University of Education
Associate Professor Shinji Fukui 2001 Dr.(Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
Computer Vision/Image Recognition
Pref. Univ.
Research Associate Haruki Kawanaka 2005 Dr.(Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
NN Based Vision and Mixed Reality
Doctral Researcher(2005/04-10)
Doctor Course
3rd Ding Yi Ding Yi Shape Recovery
IIT Guwahati (then MSc of UBC Computer Science since Sep.2011) Guest Debanga Debanga Shape Recovery (and Motion Tracking)
Master Course
2nd Akbar Illi Illi Akbar Shape Recovery
Wataru Kurahashi Wataru Kurahashi Object Tracking
Kazuya Futamura Kazuya Futamura Defect Detection
Yusuke Yamakoshi Yusuke Yamakoshi Mixed Reality
Kazuhiro Shibata Kazuhiro Shibata Shape Recovery
1st Claire Shinichi Kousaka Digital Archive
Claire Takayuki Shinohara Shape Recovery
Claire Yasuchika Takeda Motion Tracking
Claire Keisuke Takechi Motion Tracking
Claire Keiji Mori Shape Recovery
Under Graduate
4th Yasutaka Ono Yasutaka Ono Defect Classification
Yuki Simasaki Yuki Simasaki Shape Recovery
Syougo Takei Syougo Takei Motion Tracking
Hiroki Yamada Hiroki Yamada Motion Tracking
Research Student
3rd Hisashi Furuta Hisashi Furuta Motion Tracking

Research Collaboration for Computer Vision

UBC (Univ. of British Columbia) Dept. of Computer Science Professor Robert J. Woodham 1977 MIT AI Lab. Ph.D.
Computer Vision

Lab. History (List)
Academic Year 2010

Academic Year 2009 ... Head of Dept. of Computer Science
Academic Year 2008
Academic Year 2007 ... Head of Graduate Course of Computer Science
Academic Year 2006
Academic Year 2005 ... Lab. started at Chubu
Academic Year 2004 ... Prof. of Chubu Univ. Computer Science
Academic Year 2003
Academic Year 2002 ... Prof. of NIT (Center for Information and Media Studies)
Academic Year 2001
Academic Year 2000 ... NIT CIMS (Center for Information and Media Studies) was established
Academic Year 1999
Academic Year 1998
Academic Year 1997
Academic Year 1996
Academic Year 1995 ... Lab. started at NIT

Academic Year 1994 ... Monbusho Researcher UBC Computer Science
Academic Year 1993
Academic Year 1992 ... Associate Prof. of NIT (ECIP)
Academic Year 1991
Academic Year 1990
Academic Year 1989
Academic Year 1988 ... Research Associate of NIT (ECIP; Educational Center for Information Processing)